I don’t have a Nüli account yet

You can not only enjoy the 14 day free trial but also the 12% off discount! 🎉
Please note, the dates to claim this compensation are 12am Monday, 1/30 to 11:59pm Friday, 2/3.
To claim this discount, please follow the following instructions:


Go to Nüli Website Signup Page. Choose a subscription plan and the "CNY88" discount code will apply automatically.

Check and make sure the discount has been successfully applied, then tap [Next].


Complete the registration, then tap [Next].


Enter your payment information and tap [Start 14-Day Free Trial] to complete the transaction.
Note, you will NOT be charged until the end date of your 14-day free trial.


Once you go to your account dashboard, you will see the discount shown on the next billing, means you have successfully claimed the promo code.🙌

You can also find the below info:
▸ Next billing date
▸ The credit card you're using
As long as you claim the discount code on the website between 12am Monday, 1/30 to 11:59pm Friday, 2/3, the discount code will be applied to every subscription renewal in the future.