Top 7 Taiwanese Fitness Clothing Brands for Women in 2023: Influencer Favorites with Price and Style Comparisons

In addition to big brands like Nike, Reebok, Adidas, and Lululemon, Taiwan has many fashionable and unique fitness apparel brands. These brands not only showcase the pride of the Taiwanese textile industry, but also design for Asian body types, differentiating themselves from foreign brands. Below are a few recent IG users’ favorites and high-discussion Taiwanese sportswear brands that often appear on the pages of major netizens.

At the end of this article, there’s a price reference and comparison table for the 7 brands! Don’t forget to read to the end!

1. ItsYou 

ItsYou believes that “you’re the one who decides who you are” and promotes individuality with clothing series names such as “Jump out of the comfort zone” and “Focus on the back muscle”. Their website features confident looks of girls with different skin tones and body types.

2. Prowear

Prowear is dedicated to developing fabrics that bring people a luxurious and elegant visual experience, highlighting the wearer’s “strength, softness, beauty and both” temperament. Though it’s a relatively new brand, many female bodybuilders love it.


XOFFIT is determined to change the meaning of the word “sex”, with founder Zhang Zhang saying, “If you want to be sexy, you can be sexy! But I’m a queen, I like the way I am, and I’m in charge of my own destiny, how to go ahead.” XOFFIT encourages girls to dominate their own bodies and the world. They make not only honey butt training accessories, but also many types of sportswear.

4. TeamJoined

TeamJoined started in Hong Kong and flourished in Taiwan. The brand specializes in Asian fitness equipment and apparel, and also focuses on lifestyle and fashion. TeamJoined is dedicated to developing the fitness community and often brings together KOLs and athletes to share their passion for fitness with a wider audience.

5. VCstyle

VCstyle symbolizes the new era of women, an attitude and spirit of life. In addition to basic sports styles, VCstyle also has a wide range of colorful printed items. VCstyle also has a selection of non-marking panties and non-marking thongs for those who like to wear leggings! Recently, VCstyle collaborated with May U FIT to launch a co-branded clothing line.

6. Freeda

Founded by two people who love outdoor activities, Freeda promotes the concept of “conscious living,” taking into account functionality, beauty, and a friendly environment. The brand’s products highlight its characteristics of “freedom, unrestrained enjoyment of life”. In addition to sportswear, Freeda recently launched a textured home lingerie series.

7. Tumaz Apparel 

Tumaz Apparel is a sportswear brand jointly developed by textile experts and strength and physical fitness coaches. “Tumaz” is a Bunun word meaning Taiwan black bear, symbolizing the brand’s core values of “kindness, honesty and toughness”. Its non-fancy designs are loved by many professional athletes and sports enthusiasts for their ultra-comfortable materials and well-designed silhouettes.

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28 Jul, 2023

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