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What’s in Nuli’s APP?

  • 150+ training programs with detailed video tutorials and voiceovers
  • 100+ high protein recipes that’ll help you build muscle and lose fat. Our recipes include healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas. 
  • Fitness content created by Candice, May, Hana, Yalan, Eileen, and Jess.
  • A personal space for you to record your fitness transformation
  • Access to our Nuli community. Share your fitness journey and thoughts with more than 14 thousands women in our private Facebook group! Find your inspiration and support in the community! We’re all here to help 🙂

What kind of training programs does Nuli’s APP offer?

  • Customize program
    When you log into our app for the first time, we’ll ask you to provide some information about your current training situation. This includes your fitness goals, training experiences, training space (gym or at home), and training frequency. Based on your input, we’ll make customized program recommendations that’re catered to your needs!
  • Clear and structured program to follow everyday
    Depending on the program you selected, our system will generate a daily (if you decide to exercise everyday) workout for you to follow.
  • Quick workout
    We also offer some quick workouts that are perfect for women who have a busy schedule. All you need is as little as 15 minutes a day to progress toward your fitness goals!
  • Targeted Area Training
    With each program, targeted area training towards the upper body, lower body or core. You can use them either as supplementary training to strengthen weaker muscle groups or as your main workout of the day.
  • Yoga
    You can choose from high/medium/low intensity yoga practices. A variety of yoga flows dedicated to different goals (ex. post-workout cool-down, mobility work) are provided.
  • Stretching
    This includes stretching options for specifically upper body, lower body, or targeted area. We encourage you to incorporate some stretching after your main workout. We have Instructions and demo videos for each stretching routine, just follow along! 

Who is it for?

Our nuli app is designed for all women! With the variety of options we provided, everyone can benefit from our programs. 

  1. College students or people with lower fitness budget

  2. Women with busy lifestyle
    You can either choose to do a quick workout at the gym or to follow a home workout program. Some of our workouts can be done in 15 minutes. Use nuli APP to make exercising a sustainable habit!
  3. Homemakers
    We understand that many of us do not have one or two hours to spare on fitness everyday. That’s why we include some many flexible options so that you can make working out or meal prepping a realistic daily routine. If you need to take care of kids at home, we strongly recommend you to try our bodyweight home workouts!
  4. Women who are looking to transform their lives
    Nuli regularly holds fitness challenges/contests in our community. Through these events, we want to inspire more women to build their fitness and to progress towards a healthier lifestyle. Our community is super supportive and we’d love to have you!


“After finishing the 8-week “Hana’s Intense Home Workout” program, I’m now doing “CSL Get Toned At Home” program. I was 58.5kg back in March, and I’ve been making visible fat loss progress. My body weight is now down to 48.6kg. I am starting to see my abs! Moreover, by strengthening my core muscle, my scoliosis has also improved significantly!”


“I am a mother to two kids. Thanks to Nuli, I’ve made exercise a habit. Exercising daily helps me cope with my mood swing and makes me feel more calm. Moreover, through Nuli’s community, I’ve found a group of mothers that I could relate to. We often share our workout progress and meal ideas with each other. With the support and encouragement from the community, I’m now on my third program with Nuli. This transformation photo really shows how far I’ve come. This is my body telling me that hard work pays off.”

Is Nuli available in my country?

Nüli is available to download in most contries for iPhone and Android users. Note that that Android users are unable to download in China and Negara Brunei Darussalam due to Google play store restrictions. If you are unable to download in your country, please notify us at support@2023.nuli.app.

Pricing and refunds

With an annual subscription, nuli costs you 0.24USD a day. We hope this affordable pricing will make fitness more accessible to everyone.

Register now to enjoy a 14-day free trial on us! You can also cancel your subscription any time with no charges. To request for a refund, please refer to our support page here.

Discounts/Promo code

Please follow our instagram (@2023.nuli.app) to stay updated with the latest news on promo code. 

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